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Welcome to Kidmoments Official ! Free Shipping Over $50 ! Get 10% OFF for Your First Order Over $69.99 !
Welcome to Kidmoments Official ! Free Shipping Over $50 ! Get 10% OFF for Your First Order Over $69.99 !


These have been perfect for our needs and they clean super easy in the dishwasher. The lid seals are easy to pull out for cleaning and put back in, the dry erasable tops wipe right off, we have used them both in the freezer and microwave without issue, put them in backpacks without them spilling, and we even use them as small snack containers or for sauces. Will absolutely buy these again if we end up making more food in advance to freeze.


We needed headphones for school for a test and these were perfect. My daughter loves them and they are inexpensive. Fit my head and my daughter’s head. The band is adjustable and the cats are cute. The noise cannot be made too loud, which I appreciate for my child.


This is a cute camera that takes fairly nice photos. I purchased for my 6 yo daughter, so not necessarily needing super high-quality. My only complaint is that it doesn't have any memory capacity whatsoever. Without a memory card, every picture disappears when we turn the camera off. If you're considering purchasing, a memory card is a must.


These little jars are cute and sturdy. The size is good for a small baby. We recieved them all in tact without any broken ones.will follow up once I have used them more.


The quality far exceeds expectations. They look and feel much more expensive than they were. I haven't listened to them but my husband said they are super quiet, which I'm good with because they are my toddler's .


I bought a set from another brand before, but this one is far superior. The lid is easier to put on; it contains more; and has portion sizes marked. Highly recommend and will not hesitate to buy again.